Black History Makers

During Black History Month, the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Blacks (CCSB) will spotlight UIC Black History Makers via our website and listserv. The CCSB Black History Makers will be UIC African American students, faculty and staff who are contributing to our African American campus community. Our goal is to identify a diverse group of individuals throughout our campus who because of their roles and responsibilities are making history.


  • photo of brian geiger

    Brian Geiger

  • photo of Dante Brown

    Danté Brown

  • photo of Gloria Elam

    Gloria Elam

  • Photo of Jauwan Hall

    Jauwan Hall

  • Qiana Woodson

    Qiana Woodson

  • Rachel Harsley

    Rachel Harsley



  • Dr. Phyllis P. Hayes

    Dr. Phyllis P. Hayes

  • Brandon Gaskew

    Brandon Gaskew

  • Brenda Owens

    Brenda Owens

  • Annette Wright

    Annette Wright



  • Dr. Linda Rae Murray

  • Alfred Tatum

  • Evan Taylor

  • Stephanie Whitaker

  • Tierra Williams



  • Dr. Charles McPherson, III

    Dr. Charles McPherson, III

  • Dr. Angela Odoms-Young

    Dr. Angela Odoms-Young

  • Dr. Airica Steed

    Dr. Airica Steed

  • Precious Marie Walker

    Precious Marie Walker

  • Dr. Jessica Shepherd

    Dr. Jessica Shepherd



  • Ricardo "Cobe" Williams

  • Detmer "DJ" Wells

  • Dr. Rick Kittles

  • Tiffany Williams

  • Ameena Matthews



  • Aunica Jones

  • Barbara Brown

  • Kenneth Vasser

  • Dr. David Stovall

  • Brian J. Wright



  • Allen J. Bryson

  • Dr. Michael Toney

  • Reality Sincere "Real" Canty



  • Brother Jihad Muhammad

  • Dr. Javette Orgain

  • Dr. Paula Allen-Meares

  • Tio Hardiman



  • Dr. Carl Bell

    Dr. Carl Bell

  • Deleatrice (Dee) Alexander

    Deleatrice (Dee) Alexander

  • George Edward Manning, II

    George Edward Manning, II

  • John Nash, C.D.T.

    John Nash, C.D.T.

  • Joseph Day

    Joseph Day

  • Kary Raines

    Kary Raines

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