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Brenda Owens

Five years ago, Oak Park author Brenda Owens, who writes under the pen name B.B. Owens, started Half A Woman, her first book. While at home recovering from a blood clot in one of her legs, Owens was reading books and thought one day, “I could do better than that,” she recalled.

The topic she chose was meaningful, personally and professionally. “The book is a work of fiction and deals with the human aspects of cancer, more than the clinical and medical aspects,” she noted.

The published work explores what happens to a woman’s self-image after the appointments, treatments and procedures are over; what happens when she has to readjust to her new body, a new person; what happens when she gets home.

Mrs. Owens has had some women tell her that the book helped them pay more attention to their breast health, a positive result of her work that she did not foresee.  Since the book’s release in May through Outskirts Press, she has received numerous testimonials and has shared the following from readers.

Half a Woman touched me as I reflected on my personal journey through the journey of the novel’s characters “Poi” and “Maria”.  It was an emotional read for me because I was reminded how alone I felt not knowing what the future holds.  This novel will help to show other women that they are not alone and that it is imperative to seek annual mammograms and seek medical attention when the need arises and to always follow their gut (get a second opinion). This novel has allowed Brenda to comfort so many other women (and Men) that she may never get a chance to meet.

“I heard those words “You have breast cancer” over 14 years ago and my world changed. Brenda does my testing. Although that twitch of concern is still there, being enveloped in the love and warmth that is Brenda makes me take a deep breath, knowing everything will be OK.”
Mrs. Owens has worked as a diagnostic imaging specialist for 29 years and currently works in Breast Imaging Services at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She resides in Oak Park, IL with her husband Victor.  They are the proud parents of two successful adult children, Victoria, recent law school graduate and Victor Owens Jr.

(Excerpts taken from Ashley Lisenby,