Promotes and supports Black faculty and post docs creating mentoring, networking, and creating a climate of scholarly camaraderie. Through workshops and roundtable discussions providing information regarding, promotion and tenure, research and publishing, and career opportunity.
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Staff Concerns

Monitors conditions and services that affect the recruitment, employment, and retention trends of career academic professional and civil service staff. Reviews and makes recommendations regarding development and succession goals of staff personnel by under taking projects and workshops that are aimed at improving the quality of life on campus for employees. Helps establish mechanisms to foster mentee-mentor relationships, provide information and foster equitable treatment of Black staff on campus.
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Strategic Planning

Compiles CCSB program plan, relevant data on the population of Blacks at UIC, and advises and makes recommendations regarding pratices, policies, and procedures affectung this constituency.
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Focuses on recruitment, admission, retention, and graduation trends, evaluates condition and services that affect the attainment of the educational and leadership development goals, undertakes projects, improving quality of student life on campus.
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